Hereford In Bloom - Pride of the County


When Herefordshire Council built the new link road between Edgar Street and Commercial Road in Hereford three large beds were created on the roadside in front of Morrison’s store and planted with shrubs.
The beds are the first thing thousands of travellers arriving at Hereford railway station see and for several years they have been welcomed to the city by dead shrubs and carpets of weeds. The shrubs died in a heatwave because the beds were never watered.
The volunteers of Hereford in Bloom have now restored the beds and planted them with a selection of 400 shrubs paid for by a grant from the city council. They already care for all the beds and planters in the city centre and water through the summer.
Yet another eyesore is the roundabout at the northern end of Edgar Street controlled by Highways England who planted flowers on it and abandoned it to the weeds, now five foot high. Bloom is prepared to rid the city of this disgusting eyesore if Highways England and Herefordshire Council agree and funds can be found.













There was no Britain in Bloom competition in 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but the volunteers have been meeting regularly to maintain the beds and planters and doing the winter planting. HIB is working closely with the Friends of Blackfriars Rose Gardens and their restoration of the garden. It is an outstanding success
Come Spring the volunteers will be preparing for Summer planting, ridding the city of eyesores, completing new projects ready to welcome the national judges in July 2021, assuming the virus is controlled.

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