If you want to see Hereford develop as a vibrant and environmentally friendly city with a strong sense of community then you are just the sort of person  that Hereford in Bloom is looking for to be part of the team organising the city’s entry in the annual Britain in Bloom competition. Be part of a Gold Medal winning team.

Send contact details to: Kevin Knipe:




Imagine a town with no flowers! No, not a bad dream but a reality which faced Hereford in Bloom at the start of 2014 when Herefordshire Council announced it  was abandoning the planting of annuals in flower beds and planters around the city to save money. No splash of floral colour to brighten up the city and its welcome to visitors. Just  drab bare flower beds.


Luckily for the city Hereford in Bloom came up with its own ‘flower power’ plan - a partnership with the City  Council in which the Bloom group would raise the £8,000 for plants and the ‘Parish’ Council would fund the £12,000 cost of watering by the County Council’s contractor, Balfour Beatty Living Places, who also agreed to doing the planting..  An excellent example of partnership working overcoming a very serious threat to the environmental integrity of the city. For HIB it meant a huge struggle to raise the cash for the plants, mostly through sponsorship. Roundabouts, beds and planters are all available for sponsorship, a great way to promote a business Now HIB must again raise £8,000 to pay for the 2015 plants.


Contact Kevin Knipe, Sponsorship Officer for information