Hereford In Bloom will be filling up city centre flower beds and planters with colourful winter plants for the first time in a bid to boost visitor numbers. Said Kevin Knipe, chairman of the Bloom volunteers, “It is important that Hereford looks good all year round not just in the summer and a splash of colour through the winter months will have a big impact on the experience of visitors and shoppers alike.” As well as the usual winter flowers the group will also be using a range of sustainable shrubs to reduce maintenance and annual plant costs. At the Heart of England in Bloom competition awards in Walsall Hereford missed out on a Gold award it has won for the last three years, gaining a Silver Gilt. Said Mr Knipe:. “Due to watering problems a lot of plants died and although these were immediately replaced the beds were not in best condition on the day the judges arrived. We were expecting the downgrade and are confident of returning to Gold status next year.”

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